Replacement Wheels

We stock a wide range of replacement wheels for all applications. Our vast range includes Polyethylene Wheels used extensively on lawn mowers in the New Zealand and Australian market.
All of our polyethylene wheels have a proven record of industrial and domestic applications and are suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure. Ideal for the meat work industry, BBQ trolleys, machinery, garden trolleys, mobile tables, lawn mowers, shopping carts, toy wagon carts, mobility strollers, hand trucks or any retro-fit application.

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High Density Polyethylene

Waters and Farr

  • Available in White and Black
  • Self-lubricating and sound dampening properties
  • Polyethylene Hub with PVC Tyre


  • Ball bearing or plain bore
  • Box Section hub moulded in high density polyethylene
  • Assembled Wheels

    Pneumatic and Solid Wheels

  • Ball bearing or plain bore
  • Pneumatic and Solid options available

  • High Density Polyethylene Wheels

    Molded using premium quality raw material and advanced technology, these wheels are abrasion resistant, do not hold waste materials in tread, have high impact strength, high strength to weight ratio, excellent chemical & stress cracking resistance, self-lubricating and can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 80°C

    Wheel Code Diameter x Tread Width Hub Width x Bore Weight Rating Colour Box Lot Code Box Quantity
    WF4X1/2B102mm x 31mm43mm x 13mm135KGBlackWL4X1/2B48
    WF4X1/2W102mm x 31mm43mm x 13mm135KGWhiteWL4X1/2W48
    WF4X1B112mm x 73mm77mm x 26mm340KGBlackWL4X1/2B24
    WF4X1W112mm x 73mm77mm x 26mm340KGWhiteWL4X1/2W24
    WF5X3/4B127mm x 37mm43mm x 19.5mm160KGBlackWL5X3/4B64
    WF6X3/4B150mm x 37mm45mm x 19.5mm225KGBlackWL6X3/4B40
    WF6X3/4W150mm x 37mm45mm x 19.5mm225KGWhiteWL6X3/4W40
    WF6X1B150mm x 32mm45mm x 25.4mm270KGBlackWL6X1B40
    WF6X1W150mm x 32mm45mm x 25.4mm270KGWhiteWL6X1W40
    WF6X11/4B146mm x 73mm76mm x 32mm450KGBlackWL6X11/4B20
    WF6X11/4W146mm x 73mm76mm x 32mm450KGWhiteWL6X11/4W20
    WF8X3/4B205mm x 44mm55mm x 19.5mm225KGBlackWL8X3/4B10
    WF8X3/4W205mm x 44mm55mm x 19.5mm225KGWhiteWL8X3/4W10
    WF8X1B205mm x 44mm55mm x 26mm270KGBlackWL8X1B10
    WF8X1W205mm x 44mm55mm x 26mm270KGWhiteWL8X1W10
    WF8X11/4B205mm x 75mm74mm x 32mm695KGBlackWL8X11/4B8
    WF8X11/4W205mm x 75mm74mm x 32mm695KGWhiteWL8X11/4W8
    WF10X1B254mm x 50mm71mm x 26mm380KGBlackWL10X1B10
    WF10X1W254mm x 50mm71mm x 26mm380KGWhiteWL10X1W10
    WF10X11/4B253mm x 50mm72mm x 32mm450KGBlackWL10X11/4B10
    WF10X11/4W253mm x 50mm72mm x 32mm450KGWhiteWL10X11/4W10

    Polyethylene Hub with PVC Tyre

    The strength of the box section hub, moulded in high density polyethylene, combined with a durable PVC tyre ensures a long service life for these wheels. Suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure.

    Wheel Code Diameter x Tread Width Hub Width x Bore Weight Rating Bearing Tyre Cap Code
    WZH098125mm x 38mm38mm x 12.7mm100KGPlain BorePVCWZHCAP
    WZH100150mm x 40.5mm38mm x 12.7mm100KGPlain BorePVCWZHCAP
    WZH101150mm x 40.5mm40mm x 12.7mm100KGBall BearingPVCWZHCAP
    WZH103175mm x 43mm38mm x 12.7mm100KGPlain BorePVCWZHCAP
    WZH104175mm x 43mm40mm x 12.7mm100KGBall BearingPVCWZHCAP
    WZH105200mm x 43mm38mm x 12.7mm100KGPlain BorePVCWZHCAP
    WZH106200mm x 43mm40mm x 12.7mm100KGBall BearingPVCWZHCAP

    Assembled Wheels

    Assembled replacement wheels can be made to specification with Polyprop, Nylon or Steel rims. All complete wheels are available with plain or bearing centres for all common axle sizes. Our most popular complete wheels can be found listed below for standard applications such as boat and kayak trolleys, jockey wheels and hand trucks.

    Wheel Code Diameter x Tread Width Hub Width x Bore Weight Rating Application Tyre Size Bearing Pneumatic/Solid
    250X4LUGSOLID220mm x 60mm60mm x 25.4mm250KGJockey Wheel250 - 4Plain BoreSolid
    300X4RIB4-SP25260mm x 65mm65mm x 25.4mm170KGBeach Trolley3.00 - 4Plain BorePneumatic
    350X4SOLID-OS262mm x 65mm50mm x 16mm250KGHand Truck4.10/3.50 - 4Offset BearingSolid
    350X6IND-SP25315mm x 78mm89mm x 25.4mm190KGUtility Trolley4.10/3.50 - 6Plain BorePneumatic
    400X8RIB4-SP25400mm x 78mm78mm x 25.4mm220KGBeach Trolley4.80/4.00 - 8Plain BorePneumatic