50mm Thermoplastic Wheel Castors - 30KG Rated


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Unit price per
  • 50mm thermoplastic wheel diameter castors with plain sleeve
  • 30KG Rated
  • 64mm Mount height
  • 47mm Turning radius swivel plate and bolt hole
  • 57mm Turning radius swivel plate brake and bolt hole brake

Our 50mm (2 inch) thermoplastic wheel castors are the best solution for small trolleys, light weight furniture, light duty tables, retail display units, clothing racks and a variety of other items that weigh up to 120kg.

Thermoplastic is a semi-soft material that is well suited for hard floor surfaces including smooth concrete, lino, tiles and wood.

Available in swivel and fixed plate mounting styles or 10mm bolt hole. You can also choose the wheel brake option on the swivel forks to stop the castors rolling when braked.

The plate castors can be fastened by screwing or riveting the 60x47mm mounting plate using the four 7mm holes with centres 46x35mm. The bolt hole castors can be mounted using a single M10 bolt through the centre of the mounting hole.

The turning radius of the swivel castors is 47mm and the turning radius for the wheel brake castors is 57mm. The total height from the floor to the top of these castor units is 65mm and each has a maximum rolling safety load rating of 30kg. The wheels are 50mm diameter x 21mm tread width and have a 6mm bore x 25mm hub width and run on a plain sleeve through the centre of the wheel.


L Series Plate Mount