200mm Polyurethane Tread Pallet Truck Wheels
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200mm Polyurethane Tread Pallet Truck Wheels


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200mm Diameter Polyurethane Pallet Truck / Pallet Jack Wheels with Double 20mm ID Precision Bearings

48mm Tread Width

20mm Bore Size x 50mm Hub Width

700KG Rated each

These Polyurethane (PU) tyres are preferred when you want to protect your floors. These should always be used on vinyl, tiled, non-slip floors and are preferred on new concrete floors, out of doors and in machine shops. The polyurethane used in these Fallshaw wheels is of high grade and mechanically keyed into the nylon centre. It will not embrittle or chip off which makes these more suited to environments where there is swarf or gravel.

You should put new wheels on your existing pallet truck because new, truly round wheels roll more easily, do not damage floors and new sealed precision bearings need less maintenance.

Precision industrial ball bearings offer the lowest friction and therefore require the lowest push effort.

SWC Code: PLU200 | PLU 200 | PLU200X48Q20