Polyurethane Wheels Light Duty ~ 100KG
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Polyurethane Wheels Light Duty ~ 100KG


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  • Keyed Polyurethane with twin precision bearings
  • 23mm Tread Width
  • 8mm Bore x 30mm Hub Width
  • Available 75mm (3 inch) | 100mm (4 inch) diameters

Keyed Polyurethane tread, Twin Precision Bearing wheels are the best solution for hospital carts, small trolleys, light weight furniture, light duty tables and a variety of other items that weigh up to 400kg and travel longer distances.

The polyurethane used in these Fallshaw wheels is of high grade and mechanically keyed into the nylon centre. It will not embrittle or chip off which makes these more suited to environments where there could be slightly heavier loads or gravel as well as smooth concrete, tiles or lino vinyl floor surfaces. Preferred when you want to protect your floors.

SWC Codes: KUQ75 - 100KG Rated | KUQ100 - 100KG Rated