125mm Polyurethane Industrial Castors - 300KG Rated


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    • 125mm Polyurethane on Nylon Industrial Castors Roller Bearing
    • 300KG Rated
  • Mount Height 155mm
  • Turning Radius 106mm - Swivel and Bolthole
  • Turning Radius 122mm - Swivel Total Brake and Bolthole Total Brake

The polyurethane used in these wheels is of high grade and mechanically keyed into the nylon centre. It will not embrittle or chip off which makes these more suited to environments where there could be slightly heavier loads as well as carpet, smooth concrete, tiles or lino vinyl floor surfaces.

The Grey urethane is best for long life applications, one of your most durable materials but still staying light weight, also perfect for applications where grease and chemicals are present. 

Our 125mm (5 inch) industrial urethane wheel castors are the best solution for equipment trolleys that take loads of up to 300kg and roll of rough surfaces. The roller bearing helps spread the load of impacts when going through doorways and over rough ground.

The castor forks are zinc plate Core Coat finished with clear lacquer that provides best quality corrosion protection. Suitable for use on stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, metal or wooden furniture when used in non corrosive environments. These feature two complete rows of balls in the headrace to ensure ease of smooth swiveling and silence during the life of the trolley.

Available in swivel and fixed plate mounting styles or 12.7mm bolt hole. You can also choose the total brake option on the swivel forks to stop the castors turning and rolling when braked.

The plate castors can be fastened by bolting the 86x100mm mounting plate using the four 9mm holes with slotted hole centres, but most commonly used at 60x80mm. The bolt hole castors can be mounted using a single M12 bolt through the centre of the mounting hole.

The turning radius of the swivel castors is 106mm and the turning radius for the total brake castors is 122mm. The total height from the floor to the top of these castor units is 155mm and each has a maximum rolling safety load rating of 300kg.

The Urathane wheels are 125mm diameter x 32mm tread width and have a 10mm bore x 45mm hub width and run on needle roller bearing in the centre of the wheel.