15x6.00-6 Tyre - Super Turf K500 Tread

15x6.00-6 Tyre - Super Turf K500 Tread


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15 x 6.00 - 6 4PR Tubeless Turf Tyre

Tread Type: Turf Lawn and Garden Tread

Overall Diameter: 374mm

Ply: 4PR

Weight Capacity: 260KG with a max speed of 16 kph

15 x 600 - 6 Replacement or Original tyre to suit many outdoor power equipment applications. Garden Tractors, Lawn Lowers, Ag Equipment, Commercial Equipment of all kinds and many other applications.

The K500 Super Turf is the best tyre for turf applications on the market and is the OEM choice for many ZTR and high-end commercial mower manufacturers.

For commercial or heavy residential use, the Kenda K500 will provide "everything you want and more" in a lawn and garden tyre.

Siped lugs provide greater traction and less turf damage than other tread patterns. With more rubber on the contacting surface than most competitor tyres, the K500 allows enhanced puncture resistance and longer tread life.

Our tyres and inner tubes are brand new and have never been mounted or used.

Please email or phone if you have questions about a particular fitment or application.

Commonly sold as:

15X6.00-6 | 15X6X6 | 15X600-6 | 15/6.00-6 | 15/6-615 X 6.00 - 6 | 15 X 6 X 6 | 15 X 600 - 6 | 15 / 6.00 - 6 | 15 / 6 - 6

This tyre is not intended for highway use.

SWC Code TKD697