Push & Pull loads of 8KG to 8,000KG, safely, reliably and with ease

Specialist Wheels & Castors are the New Zealand home of Fallshaw castors, Kenda specialty tyres & tubes and Primo non marking healthcare & wheelchair tyres.

We're your one stop specialist wheel supplier sourcing quality light duty to industrial strength swivel castors, replacement wheels, tyres and inner tubes from renowned suppliers around the world.

Choose from a wide range of replacement wheels or swivel castors with nylon, rubber or polyurethane wheels for warehouse flat deck trolleys, furniture, pallet rollers, display cabinets, medical equipment, hospital beds, through to heavy duty applications such as machinery and industrial equipment. We are here to help advise the most suitable castor or replacement wheel for your application. Just let us know the environment, weight loading, mount height, rolling surface and mounting type and we will provide you with the most cost effective solution for your needs. We also supply tyres and tubes for baby strollers, wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, wheelbarrows, small trailers, kayak trolleys, canoe carts, golf carts and replacement wheels for beach trolley’s, handtrucks, trailer jockey’s, lawnmowers or even your home BBQ. SWC offer all solutions for your rolling needs.

Fallshaw have a proven track record of being premium quality and have been manufacturing in Australia for 100 years. Australian-made wheels and castors are built to last, and we back that up with a three year warranty.

When selecting castors we know it's important to get castors that fit your needs. Our experienced team are always happy to help you select the right castor for the job based on the environment it will be used in, your desired mount height, the load rating that will be required, the application and of course your budget. We can help you find the right castor for your application either over the phone or in person at one of our showrooms. Phone us or visit one of our showrooms for our expert advice and a no obligations quote.

Specialist Wheels and Castors was previously the industrial division of Sheppard Industries.

We're proud to be 100% locally owned and operated & supplying quality wheels that will be an asset to your business and last a lifetime.

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