Castors - Industrial ~ 150kg - 300kg

The Fallshaw Industrial Duty Castor range has been used widely for over 30 years in warehouses, supermarkets, factories, universities and hospitals for trolleys and carts that travel across all surface types and weigh up to 1,200kg fully loaded.

The zinc plated Core Coat forks give these a very nice appearance on chromed, stainless steel, aluminium and metal trolleys and ensures they have great rust resistance in normal non corrosive environment use. The Clear Coat lacquer provides the best quality corrosion protection, with no white or red rust after 150 hours of salt spray testing.

The larger the wheel, the smaller the obstacles are in proportion to the wheel - this means the bigger the wheel the greater the momentum so it's easier to push and gives better ride comfort (ability to pass over bumps and to minimise vibration). Castors are dynamically tested with obstacles 3% the height of the wheel diameter for hard wheels (100mm tested with 3mm obstacle height and 125mm tested with 3.75mm obstacle height) and 5% the height of the wheel diameter for soft wheels (100mm tested with 5mm obstacle height and 125mm tested with 6.25mm obstacle height).

The large surface area of the roller bearings available in all of the industrial wheels make these best suited for higher impact applications that get used a lot but are not suitable for speeds over 6 km/h.

The total brake forks allows both wheel and the swivel to be locked to ensure the unit is stationary, when the step down lever is pushed down.

Fallshaw castors are widely regarded as premium quality castors manufactured in Australia and come with a 3 year warranty.

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